Bluejacket Officers' Club

By Doug Tuttle (other events)

Fri, Dec 8 2017 10:00 AM Fri, Nov 30 2018 11:59 PM

Bluejacket is proud to introduce Officers’ Club, a union formed to provide members with special access to a wide range of our most limited release beers, including some crafted exclusively for our members. Really, we were jonesing to do something a little different for the very people who appreciate different. If you want to join this club - heck, if you’re even looking at this page!  - that's probably you.

Membership has its privileges as they say, so let’s spell those out for you. Members of the Officers' Club receive:

   • Two 750 ml bottles from each of six different, limited, barrel-aged releases per year. Three releases per year will be exclusive, members-only releases. Members will receive a total of 12 x 750 ml bottles per year. Members will also have the option to purchase additional release allotments based on availability. That means that, while our beer allocations will vary with production levels, we will do our best to extend to you the opportunity to purchase additional bottles upon release.
    • With the introduction of canning in early 2018, members will receive 15% off of all can (and merch) purchases throughout the year, plus the ability to reserve and purchase up to one case of each can release before that can is released to the general public. You heard that right, folks. Cans, they are coming soon. 

Annual membership is $225 (exclusive of tax and service fees), and the first year will be limited to only 200 people. As an inaugural member, you'll also have the first right of refusal to join in 2019.

Need we say more? 

Maybe one more thing: Since DC law allows the shipment of beer to customers in other states, we will open our membership up nationally and ship to those states that are legally allowed to receive beer shipments. Shipping fees will apply.


- You must be 21 years old or older to be a member of the Bluejacket Officers' Club. Each individual can purchase one (1) membership in the Officer's Club. This way, a greater amount of guests can enjoy the special beers we will offer. 

- All bottle club release pickups, and reserved can case purchase pickups, will take place at Bluejacket - 300 Tingey St SE, Washington, DC 20003, during standard business hours. We will hold, and properly store, all bottle club releases for up to one month following that bottle's release date. We will also hold, and properly store, all reserved can case purchases releases for up to one week following that can's release date. 

- Should you be unable to pickup membership bottles or cans, a trustee can be designated for pickup on your behalf.  A minimum 24 hour notice by email is required for this designation. All trustees will need to 21 years old or older, and will have to present valid ID during pickup. 

- We will ship bottles, and reserved can case purchases, to members living in states where the direct shipping of beer is permitted. Should you be able to receive direct shipments, and choose to do so, you will cover all shipping costs associated with those shipments, and we will ship all bottle club releases, as well as reserved can case purchases, shortly after the release date in each case. Recipients of shipped beer  must be at least 21 years old and must be available to sign for their beer deliveries and verify their age.

- While we cannot offer refunds for bottles and/or cans damaged through direct pickup, whether by a member or trustee, we will work to rectify any breakage that occurs through direct shipping.

- Our storage space is at a premium, and many releases--particularly the cans--need to be consumed fresh. If the bottle club beer, and/or cases of reserved cans, are not picked up within the allotted time period, we will release the beer without the ability to refund the member's purchase. 

- Should additional bottles be available from any Officers' Club release, we will notify all club members. Requests for additional allocations will then be made via Additional allocation amounts, as well as request deadlines, will be communicated at the time of this notification. 

- Club members will be notified about all can releases and offered the ability to reserve up to one case of 24/ 16 oz. cans of each release for purchase. Reservation deadlines will be communicated prior to each release, and requests for can case purchase allocations will be made via All can purchases (as well as merch purchases) will receive a 15% discount, and this discount will be honored through the presentation of the Bluejacket Officers' Club Membership Card. The Membership Card will be issued before January 1, 2018. 

- As our packaging schedule is committed to presenting each beer in its most expressive state, we cannot commit to specific beer releases, or to a beer release schedule. We have an extremely exciting array of bottle (and can) releases on deck for 2018, so we are excited to roll out the brews more organically. 

- If we run out of spots in our Officers' Club before you have the chance to join, we'd love to add your name to our club member wait list. Should additional membership opportunities arise, wait listed guests will have first access to the club. Please email us at to join our wait list.